FantasmicWorld is a concept created and designed by: Christopher Daniels

About FantazmicWorld

FantazmicWorld may seem like a brilliant theme park and indeed it is, but actually it is an amazing ‘school of life’ for today and tomorrow, wrapped around Seven interconnected and interrelated individual Pavilions filled with wondrous, exciting, exhilarating and fascinating Entertainment.

Everywhere you look throughout this ‘Education through Entertainment’ complex, you will learn new things about our world, our universe, humanity and yourself. You will have the opportunity to explore, discover, learn and create on platforms of exciting, thought provoking and inspiring entertainment, and you will be having so much fun and activity you probably won’t even realize you are the constant student. But be warned, once you enter you may never want to leave!

There are seven primary Pavilions in FantazmicWorld, each Pavilion represents one of the ‘realms of existence’ as we know them today. In each Pavilion are several ‘Environments’ which has its own theme related to specific subjects within that Pavilions primary realm; for example, in the pavilion called ‘Astron’, which represents the realm of space, the cosmos, astronomy and human space exploration, there are environments such as ‘The Circle of Home’ which presents and explores the ‘Fragile Earth’ as our only living home, from the isolated perspective of space, or ‘Amazing Journeys’ which presents our human endeavours into space, from early to modern imaginings of people like Nicolaus Copernicus, Jules Verne, Gene Roddenberry, and Ray Bradbury to the brave little Voyager, missions to Mars, future space flight and space exploration.

You will discover some things in FantazmicWorld the likes of which you have never seen before; and at times the experiences, such as boarding the Super Nova X 1 (Explorer One) to take flight beyond Earth orbit, incorporates into the design and engineering, combinations of audio visual technology and physics to such an exacting degree, you will not only be amazed, but at times you will believe they are real... who knows, perhaps they really are!

Advanced Immersible Technology Edutainment Theme Park

The motivation and philosophy behind this is to give you a thrilling and exciting entertainment experience, while you learn new things without realizing you are learning, your mind will just absorb the knowledge within the experience and because you are enjoying it, your mind will never forget what it learned... that’s the core essence of ‘Education through Entertainment’.

FantazmicWorld is designed as an all year round weather proofed environment, utilizing clean renewable energy and sustainability practices, giving total comfort to fully enjoy the journey without harming our fragile environment.