ElysianWorld is a multi facet, multi diverse project to be built in Seven stages, with each stage introducing a new dimension to ElysianWorld’s fields of operation. It will start primarily with commercial ventures in the field of Entertainment, with a focus on ‘Education through Entertainment’.

These initial ventures will be developed across the first four stages of the seven stage plan and will include the FantazmicWorld Edutainment Theme park with it’s 7 Realms (seven Pavilions) incorporating over 55 major rides and attractions; the FantazmicWorld Ponderland Motion Picture & Multi Media Production Studios, with an attached multi movie program with over twenty five movie, console game and television projects already in development, and more on the drawing board; Virtual FantasmicWorld live on-line; and themed leisure, recreation and activity Resorts.

Stage five will propel ElysianWorld further into fields of Education, and Research & Development, with projects such as, the ElysianWorld University of World Change & Human Sustainability; the Platform of Innovation & Invention; and the Research & Development Centres associated with the 7 Realms of the Edutainment Theme Park, from advanced agricultural developments to aerospace technologies.

Across all it’s stages, ElysianWorld will build on a foundation of advanced technology and self sustaining clean energy practices, and enhancement or integration into the ecological environments around it, with a philosophy of delivering genuine developments and applications for advanced human improvement and conditions, that can be duplicated for practical application where ever needed.

Stage Six will see ElysianWorld expand into Residential development, Retail and Production developments based on products and services created through the R&D Centres and The Platform of I&I. The Residential development will have a philosophy and practicing policy of both self sustaining renewable energy and environmental consideration with modern and futuristic amenities, facilities and life-styles.

Throughout the development of ElysianWorld, transport and mobility systems will be developed and installed that are efficient and effective and also run on clean renewable energies.

The Seventh stage of ElysianWorld will embark on the more ambitious programs, such as Space technology and exploration, habitation and terra-forming systems for less hospitable regions and environments, and mass clean renewable energy systems, and the deployment of global human improvement and advancement programs.

World Change & Human Sustainability Centre

Centre for Innovation & Engineering of Human Advancement through Arts, Entertainment, Science and Technology